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Gyoja Fuki, 55, 9, e23051, ...
Gyoja Fuki, 55, 9, e23051, 2017-08-14, John Wiley and Sons, info:doi/10.1002/dvg.23051, © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc...
Le Kien Fam, Ray Tridib, Ni...
Le Kien Fam, Ray Tridib, Nieddu Thomas, Busch Thomas, Nic Chormaic Síle, 97, 1, 013821 , 2018-01-16, American Physica...
Kobori Shungo, Yokobayashi ...
Kobori Shungo, Yokobayashi Yohei, 7, 2, 371-376, 2018-01-17, American Chemical Society, info:doi/10.1021/acssynbio.7b...
Shimizu Keisuke, Luo Yi-Jyu...
Shimizu Keisuke, Luo Yi-Jyun, Satoh Noriyuki, Endo Kazuyoshi, 13, 8, 20170254, 2017-08-02, The Royal Society, info:do...
Myung Jihwan, Schmal Christ...
Myung Jihwan, Schmal Christoph, Hong Sungho, Tsukizawa Yoshiaki, Rose Pia, Zhang Yong, Holtzman Michael J., De Schutt...

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