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Ono Luis K, Qi Yabing, 51, ...
Ono Luis K, Qi Yabing, 51, 9, 093001, 2018-02-09, IOP Publishing, info:doi/10.1088/1361-6463/aaa727, © 2018 IOP Publi...
Zhang Dongxin, Chuang Po-Sh...
Zhang Dongxin, Chuang Po-Shun, Cao Dong, Krishna Yarkali, Shilpa Kola, Tanaka Fujie, 59, 23, 2248-2250, 2018-04-30, E...
Benseny Albert, Reshodko Ir...
Benseny Albert, Reshodko Irina, Busch Thomas, 59, 48, 2018-04-06, Springer Vienna, info:doi/10.1007/s00601-018-1366-y...
Takahashi Satoshi, Fukushim...
Takahashi Satoshi, Fukushima Naoki, Osabe Kenji, Itabashi Etsuko, Shimizu Motoki, Miyaji Naomi, Takasaki-Yasuda Takes...
Giudice Francesco Del, Cunn...
Giudice Francesco Del, Cunning Benjamin V., Ruoff Rodney S., Shen Amy Q., 57, 4, 293-306, 2018-02-20, Springer Berlin...

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