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Soliman Taha, Takama Okuto,...
Soliman Taha, Takama Okuto, Fernandez-Silva Iria, Reimer James D., 4, e2410, 2016-09-28, PeerJ, info:doi/10.7717/peer...
Espinas Nino, 2018-02-09, Doctor of Philosophy, 38005甲第12号, 128.pdf, Abstract.pdf, doc(9).pdf, © 2018 The Author
Liu Andrew , Aoki Sho , Wic...
Liu Andrew , Aoki Sho , Wickens Jeffery, 7, 22, e2610, 2017-11-20, Bio-protocol, info:doi/10.21769/BioProtoc.2610, © ...
Seebens Hanno, Blackburn Ti...
Seebens Hanno, Blackburn Tim M., Dyer Ellie E., Genovesi Piero, Hulme Philip E., Jeschke Jonathan M., Pagad Shyama, P...
Zadorozhko A. A., Monarkha ...
Zadorozhko A. A., Monarkha Yu. P., Konstantinov D., 120, 4, 046802, 2018-01-26, American Physical Society, info:doi/1...

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